About Me

I am Scottish born and bred currently living in the wet and windy West of Scotland.

I love to travel and am very lucky that the love of my life is like minded. We have been fortunate enough to have had some incredible journeys over the years.

In recent years photography has become a real passion and whilst I have owned and used digital cameras for nearly 16 years it is only recently that I have begun developing my interest and skill set further... when I can find the time.

I like to think my photographs are ok and that I get the odd stand out every once in a while. It has been beneficial and enjoyable joining a camera club.

During 2015 I have plans to get out and about taking more photographs than in the past, spending more time expanding my photoshop skills and sharing the results here.

I have particularly enjoyed my first attempts at long exposure photography. It also offers alternatives when light is perhaps not great during the day and is an area I want to work more on in the future.

For me, the key is being able to see improvement with the end result. If I can then that is good enough for me.

Researching potential trips and itineraries for us, even if we never take the trip, is part of the fun for me.

Looking at what we could do (how much we can squeeze in!) on a weekend break, a weeks holiday or a longer trip is a mini challenge. Finding interesting and different accommodation (no big Western concrete chains), different modes of transport and interesting activities is something I enjoy.