The 3 Sisters

One of the many stunning views in Glencoe is of the 3 Sisters, Aonach Dubh, Gearr Aonach and Beinn Fhada, and we photographed it early on the Saturday morning. The original is below but the photograph above is the result of my first experience using Photoshop to edit photographs correctly (e.g. more than just using Camera RAW!).

At the start of April I spent three days in Glencoe on a photography course which included a significant element on Photoshop editing (see more about that here).

Original As Shot

Original As Shot

It may not be perfect but it showed me the impact that a little editing can have and it is something that I will spend more time on going forward.

I wasn't originally intending on posting this photograph and was going to re-work it in PS but after consideration I decided to share my first PS edit.

Edit - would help if I posted the correct image!