Yorkshire Falls

I spent a few days last weekend in the Yorkshire Dales with a couple of fellow photographers. It was a full on trip as we tried to visit as many locations as possible and we covered large areas of the National Park during our time there.

In addition to all the viewpoints, trees and viaducts we also spent time photographing a small selection of the waterfalls in the area. You are spoilt for choice in the Dales and there simply wasn't enough time to visit more.

However, among the falls we visited were East Gill Force, West Burton Falls and Hardraw Force, England`s largest single drop waterfall with a reputed 100 foot drop.

All photographs | Nikon D610 | Sigma 35mm | ISO 200 | Formatt Hitech Firecrest Filters

West Burton Falls | F8 | 62s

Hardraw Force | F8 | 1.6s

West Burton Falls | F8 | 61s

Hardraw Force | F8 | 2.5s

East Gill Force | F11 | 2.5s