Haukland Beach #1

Haukland Beach #1

It has been several weeks since I returned from the Lofoten Islands in Norway and it has been nice to spend some time reviewing my photographs over that time and remembering the experiences of being placed in new locations that I had spent much time researching prior to the trip.

This is the first image I have shared from the trip and it was one that was taken on the first day of our trip when we visited Haukland Beach for sunset.

The light wasn't great but the clouds were very atmospheric which was a common theme on the trip. I used a long exposure shot here to calm the water down and whilst I like the seaweed it's either something you'll love or hate!

It is a beautiful sandy beach with sharp steep mountains running down the right side as you look out over the bay towards more glorious mountain ranges in the distance.

I know I'm only just back but it's a location I would love to revisit!

Nikon D610 | Nikon 20mm F1.8 | ISO 200 | F11 | 62s