Earlier this year I visited the Faroe Islands and this series of photographs were taken at Eidi, a village located on the north-west tip of Eysturoy.

The coastline at Eidi is simply stunning and somewhere I could happily spend hour after hour photographing the waves battering off the rocky coastline with waterfall dropping into the ocean in the background.

I have shots from each location taken with varying shutter speeds to capture the water in different forms and patterns but I feel that these shots represent the location for me.

All photographs taken on a Nikon D610 and ISO 200 and I have provided specific lens and camera settings under each image. All images taken using a Gitzo tripod and with Formatt Hitech filters.

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Sigma 35mm F1.4 | F11 | 15s

Sigma 35mm F1.4 | F11 | 20s

Nikon 20mm F1.8 | F11 | 25s