My First Solo Efforts

Since participating in the workshop back in June I struggled to find time to put the skills I learnt to practice in the weeks following it but I returned from my recent summer holiday ready to make some of my own photobooks.

I have recently made two books using the Japanese stab and stitch method, one of the two formats taught on the course. Inside the books I have furnished them using images leftover from the workshop and although I have still gone through the process of sequencing it I was restricted by the range of images I had left to work with.

However, at this stage in my bookmaking journey it is less about the images inside and more about the process of making the book which is my focus at the moment. The importance of the images will soon come to the forefront but by that stage I hope to feel more comfortable in constructing the book.

My first solo book was, in my opinion, a success - at the end of the evening I had produced a book. I was aware of a couple of errors I made during the process although pleased I identified them which ensured I didn't make the same mistakes in my second effort.

Speaking of which, with my second effort I felt there was a definite improvement, particularly in the stitching and the construction of the book. Ample room for improvement but then again I have only made two books!

There are enough leftover images for a further 2-3 books which offers me further opportunities to work on my construction technique before I move to printing directly onto paper. At the workshop we talked about all the beautiful papers one can use but I start initially with with more affordable paper until I get comfortable with layouts, etc... I have ample time to experiment with fine Japanese handmade papers!

Below are some photographs taken whilst I was making the books in addition to a short timelapse of the finished product.


Solo Effort #1


Solo Effort #2