Standing Still

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Towards the end of last week I was regularly checking the weather forecasts and tide times for Saturday morning. The best weather was on the east coast but the tides were not playing ball and as I have a couple of specific shots in mind on that side of the country which require a specific tide I decided to stay local.

I made the short trip to Knapps Loch where the forecast was suggesting the potential for some colour in the sky. Well the forecast was right, there was colour in the sky, but for all of a nano second.

It was largely cloudly with little to no light so I spent my time trying some minimalist photography with a fence that leads into the loch. One challenge is that it is not a particularly wide loch so you don’t have a lot of free space to work with which you might if you were at the coast looking out to sea.

I came home with a couple of compositions of which there was one I was happy with. The others require a little minor adjustment so they’ll need to wait until another day.

It’s unlike me to process an image so quickly but on Sunday morning I loaded the images up and began working away on one, whilst tinkering with some others, which I felt had some potential.

Having just re-profiled my computer and obtained new ICC profiles from Fotospeed I decided to print the image and see how it looked. When it came out of the print I could immediately see that it didn’t look right and it wasn’t the printer to blame!

I went back to the computer, made some adjustments and sent it back to the printer. It was a big improvement and I could see I was on the right track but again, I was able to identify a couple of areas that required further refinement. Third time through the printer and it was beginning to look good and after reprinting on a different paper I was happier with the result.

By printing the image I was able to identify areas that were not right, in my eyes anyway, and was able to correct them. Had I not printed the photograph I would probably have only made some further minor adjustments, and I doubt I would have ended up with the same photograph that I have done.

Standing Still

Nikon D800 | Nikon 70-200mm F4 at 92mm | ISO 100 | F8 | 20s