I have a particular interest in books and find the process of photographing, processing, printing and producing my books of my own work very appealing.

Printing my work is something I don’t do often enough, partly because I will just end up with bundles of prints for which I have no use for, hence the interest in making books.

I eventually managed to book myself on to a photography bookmaking workshop run by Joe Wright in June 2018 and so began my own personal bookmaking journey.

Since the workshop I haven’t developed my skills as much as I would have liked but when I have out shooting new work since, the topics discussed on the course, particularly sequencing and image selection, have often been on my mind.

Bookmaking Videos


In addition to my own bookmaking which is very much in the early stages I enjoy photobooks from other photographers and have begun building up a collection of books from well known photographers selling them on Amazon to artists producing a handmade book in small editions.

Below is a selection of short flick-throughs I have recorded for photobooks I have recently purchased.