Everyone is allowed one piece of hand luggage on board and would suggest that it is used to carry your photography equipment (tripods in hold luggage).

In terms of what equipment to bring this is down to each members personal requirements / interests.

  • Camera Body - goes without saying!
  • Lenses - wide angle definitely required given the vast landscapes. If you have a fast lens (f2.8) that will also help for shooting the aurora borealis.
  • Tripod - something sturdy. You will use it regularly throughout the day and for long exposures so you want to ensure it's not going to move.
  • Filters - ND and ND Grad filters if you have them. 
  • Polarizer
  • Shutter release cable - the easiest way for taking long exposures.
  • Batteries - bring spares as they can run out quickly given the temperature. If you use a battery grip worth bringing the AA battery holder and some AA batteries.
  • Memory Cards
  • Camera Cover
  • Lens Cleaners


Some items that may not be what you take with you on your everyday photography adventures...

  • Head Torch - we will up and on location before twilight and it will be dark so a good head torch is required.
  • Flask


Lenses... if you are considering buying a lens specifically for this trip you might wish to consider renting one instead.

Computer... it may be an idea for 1/2 in the group to take computers and if there are external hard drives a backup could be taken each evening of all members photographs?