Ideally as soon as possible as it gives a firmer idea on the numbers to enable confirmation of cars and huts required.  On the basis that the intention is to book flights when available everyone will be asked to confirm mid to late January 2016. Details will also be collected (passport, contact, etc) at time of confirmation.


When will we be booking it?

Flights should become available in late February / March 2016 and the intention would be to book as soon as they are available (assuming a sensible price). The last flight is operated by a small plane (37 seats) and books up quickly. Accommodation and car hire will follow thereafter.

At this stage, everyone who confirms themselves for the trip will be committed to the costs. As explained here, what we don't want is people dropping out which then results in higher costs for those still going.


Special clothing / footwear?

Everyone will have different requirements but it can get very cold and warm clothing will be required. A good pair of boots and ice grips will also be needed. This is something that can be discussed in more detail.


How much will additional costs be?

These are not that easy to predict but here's a very rough estimate...

  • Fuel to/from Aberdeen - £10-£15 per person
  • Airport Car Parking - £10-£15 per person
  • Airport Hotel - £20-£30 per person
  • Car Hire Fuel - £30-£50 per person ???
  • Food - you can bring food with you and we can do a shop in the supermarket. May eat out a couple of times and grab lunch on the go, etc. Allow say £150-200 (c. £20-£30 per day).


What if I want a day of rest?

Every member is free to do as they please and it is by no means not compulsory to get up for sunrise or stay out until sunset each day. 

That said it is a photography trip and for many a one-off opportunity to visit a part of the world that many of us are unlikely to go back to.

If people wish to stay in the cabins and rest that is fine but it may mean they are there for a period of time without access to a car as if there are people wanting to take photographs then that is where the cars go.

As an example... there are 8 members on the trip and we have 2 cars. One day 6 members want to take photographs while 2 wish to stay in the cabins and rest. Both cars will be used to take the 6 members out.