The cheapest, easiest and quickest route is from Aberdeen with SAS/Wideroe at a cost of £300-£400 per person. Both the outbound and inbound journeys can be done in a single day (ie. no overnight stop) although it would be an early start to get to Aberdeen and it would be sensible to stay in a hotel (Premier Inn £20-£40 per person) the night before near the airport.

It should be possible to check in bags in Aberdeen and collect them in Leknes as Wideroe and SAS are part of the same airline group.

In addition, it would be booked as a single ticket which means if there are any delays then it is the responsibility of the airline(s) to get us to our final destination.

When I checked at the start of August these were the flight times from Aberdeen to Leknes flying Friday to Friday. You can fly out any day except Saturday (hence Friday to Friday).

However, from a recent check it would appear it may be possible to do both the outbound and return trips with only two stops via Bergen.

The flight schedules are likely to change and we will need to wait until early next year before we can confirm exact details.


What's Included?

The above price includes one checked bag per person (up to 23kg) plus one item of hand luggage allowing everyone to bring their camera equipment on board (except tripods) and anything else can go in the hold.


Group Booking

If there 10 or more going on then we will be able to book the flights as a Group Booking. They offer competitive prices (not sure how they vary from booking online!) but also allow name changes up to 5 weeks before travel.


Alternative Routes?

Instead of flying to Leknes we could fly to Harstad-Narvik. The benefits are that it costs c. £100 less and we may only have one stop going instead of two. The downside is that it's a 4 hour drive from the airport to Reine.


Flying from Glasgow?

For those interested, but more for comparison, flights from Glasgow are more expensive and longer with nearly 3 flights of 2 hours. The following route was over £500 per person.


  • SAS (from Aberdeen / Edinburgh)
  • KLM (from Glasgow / Edinburgh)
  • Norwegian (from Edinburgh)
  • Wideroe (Bodo to Leknes / Svolaer)