The itinerary is based on staying in Reine for the duration of the trip which is where the majority of photography tours and workshops in the Lofoten's appear to operate from.



I've begun marking up the popular photography locations following some initial online research, guides, websites, blogs, etc.

This is something that can been added to in greater detail over the course of 2016 once everyone is booked up to go and we can find out everyone's particular interests.

One some of the locations there are sample images taken in that area. At this stage each location has not been specifically identified - that is something that will be done over the next 12 months, etc.


Driving Distances

From the accommodation at Eliassen Rorbuer, the driving times (based on Google) to the following locations are as follows...

  • A - 20 minutes
  • Flakstad - 30 minutes
  • Haukland - 60 minutes
  • Stamsund - 70 minutes
  • Unstad - 75 minutes
  • Eggum - 80 minutes