Website Refresh

I have been using Squarespace to run circa35mm for around 18 months, primarily as a place to share photographs from trips, but also as somewhere to post individual photographs via the photoblog.

As you may have noticed (if you've visited the site before!) it has undergone a bit of a change. I have split the site into 3 main sections to allow me to post more content, specifically regarding travel.

  • Journeys - this replaces Galleries. Previously I only shared photographs from trips we'd undertaken but I've now included details of the journey, places we visited, etc and information about our travel arrangements.
  • Photoblog - unchanged from the previous site although I do plan on posting more photographs here now (I say that every year!).
  • Journal - this is a new blog and is primarily to allow me to write about travel but I'll also cover photography, technology, etc.

There are still some journeys to add and even those that are up, not all are complete with some still missing photographs and/or information.

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