The Switch

I received my first digital camera in 1999 for my 18th birthday from my parents. It was a Kodak DC220 and was one megapixel. 

It was fantastic, had a 2x optical zoom and I purchased an 8MB card which allowed me to take endless photographs (I now use 32GB cards!). It also allowed me to record a little voice memo with each picture I took, a feature I thought I would use but rarely did. I used the DC220 for University projects and on a couple of family holidays, one of which was to Kenya on Safari.

After the DC220 I flirted with a number of point and shoot cameras, mainly Kodak's, which always produced decent photographs when I was on holiday with friends. At the time I found their size convenient as they would easily slip inside my jean pockets - a far cry from the camera I use today.

In 2006, ahead of a holiday to Japan, I decided to make the move to an SLR with a view to capturing better photographs. However, I didn't really learn the intricate workings of this camera and develop my skills as much as I now wish I had - other things simply got in the way.

The D70s would stay with me until June 2013 when after a trip to Peru I decided to upgrade to the Nikon D7000 (they had just released the D7100) which, together with a couple of better Sigma lenses, have been with me for the last 2 years as my passion and interest in photography has grown and developed.

Recently I had been contemplating making the move to a full frame set up and a couple of weeks prior to our recent holiday I finally made the switch.