It is Saturday morning and my alarm goes off at the unsociable time of 4.20am.

I get up, stumble into the shower and 15 minutes later, after I've filled the thermos flask, I am in the car and on my way to Knapps Loch.

The sun has still to rise when I arrive and as a result of the mist I can't see more than 50 meters in front of me. Given it's my first visit to Knapps Loch I decide to work my way around the Loch, stopping off on to take photographs along the way (some just as a record for future visits).

By the time I have made it around the Loch I've taken a number of photographs, some better than others, but fingers cross there are a couple worth sharing on my site. Pleased, I pack up my gear and make my way back to the car.

On the way back home I stop off to take a photograph of a single tree in a field. I press the shutter button and it begins to write the photograph to the memory card. And then nothing. I turn my camera off and on only to find that my memory card has no images on it. I take another photograph and it writes to the memory card. I fear the worst. Have I lost all of my photographs from the morning?

The only thing that gives me hope is that the LCD counter is showing capacity for a small number of images suggesting my earlier photographs are still there... somewhere.

At this stage I would normally get myself some breakfast on the way home - not today. I'm straight home and onto the computer to find out if my photographs are intact.

They are. Panic over.