365 Day Challenge

Over the weekend I received an email from blipfoto, a site I have previously used, providing tips for anyone considering a 365 day challenge.

It is something I had previously given consideration to doing but have never actually delivered. 2014 is going to be the year I do it.

Once I had made the decision I needed a theme. I know many don't have a specific theme for the duration of the year but I felt for my first attempt it would give me focus and help me complete the challenge.

It had to be something I could photograph every day, even when I am on holiday, and I wanted to ensure that it wasn't going to be the same picture every day, eg my desk. I don't mind similarity between photographs but my desk rarely changes! The desk theme doesn't work anyway as I don't work weekends and nor do I sit at a desk on holiday.

After a little (well quite a lot) thinking I have decided upon a theme which I believe will offer a good variety of photographs over the course of the year and is something I can photograph every day, regardless of where I am. 

My account is all set up though I will not begin posting photographs until 1 January 2014. The intention is to take all photographs using my iPhone and to get a book printed once the challenge is completed.