Travel Planning

Along with photography my other passion is travel and together with my wife have been fortunate to experience some trips of a lifetime over the years. In recent years photography has crept into the planning of our trips more and more and I find that an enjoyable and challenging aspect to our trips.

Whilst I know many people like to visit foreign lands as part of photography tours/workshops, my preference is to arrange my own trips and put the time and effort into researching photography locations at the chose destination.

There are definitely some locations where there is a benefit in having a knowledgeable instructor or guide with you but for many places I don’t believe that’s necessary, particularly if it’s also a holiday, as a number of my trips are.

Having been asked by a couple of people I have decided to post some of information on a couple of locations I’ve visited and the resources I’ve researched.

Lofoten Islands

Into the Ocean

Faroes Islands