Every day is a school day

Over the last couple of weeks other commitments and weather conditions have been getting in the way of a good photography outing.

The camera has not been entirely packed away and I have spent time practicing with the tilt and shift lens. It now feels far more familiar, I have a better understanding of how much tilt is required, the impact of using f16 over f8 or f11 and of using the shift feature to create a larger panoramic image. I will continue to practice with the lens where I can, I’m a firm believer that the more I use it the more it becomes second nature when I pick it up.

I have started working on a couple of book projects I have been contemplating for some time. In March I am going to learn some new skills, and try to remember them, which I will be putting to use on these projects so it will be a few weeks before I am sharing the finished results.

It has also been nice to print more work and see how the images work on paper. There are a couple of images I have been working on recently and I have reached a point where I’m not sure about the image. The next step I think will be to print them out to see how they look and how I feel about them. From there I can assess what, if any, changes are needed.

Every day is a school day.

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