Changing of Seasons

The summer months are a quiet time of year for landscape photographers and I’m no exception… there aren’t that many people who thrive on getting up mere hours after going to bed to get on location for sunrise at 4am!

My camera has rarely ventured out of my bag except when I am on holiday and close to a location which allows me to peek outside the window for a look at the conditions before only a short walk to get a shot.

This summer I visited parts of the Outer Hebrides, the Moray coast and the Isle of Eigg, the majority of which were new locations to me and therefore I was keen to try and capture some shots whilst there. Even if they aren’t the best, the chances are I will return in the future and I will be better prepared and have a greater understanding of the location on a return visit, hopefully getting more out of the next trip.

That said in most instances I have come back with some images from each location which given the conditions at the time I am pleased with. In particular, it was a joy to be on the sands at Bay of Laig looking out over to Rum whilst the sun set on a glorious summers day.

And now the Autumn colours are beginning to appear in the trees and it’s time to start planning the next months shoots to make the most of the (hopefully) delightful colours.

At the same time I have started to identify some new locations I would like to visit of the next 6/7 months along with some old favourites where I don’t feel I’ve quite done the location justice and fancy another bite at the cherry.

This will inevitably result in my backlog of unprocessed images growing but one that I am planning on tackling this winter.